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Laurel Health Now Offers Easy & Convenient School-based Care Program

Laurel Health Offers Easy & Convenient School-based Care

By Kristy Warren


The Laurel Health Centers know that busy work schedules can make getting to a clinic challenging during the week. To reduce time away from work and the classroom, Laurel Health now offers a convenient school-based care program to treat illness and injury onsite in partnership with school nurses in the Northern Tioga School District.


Students can now see a provider right onsite then return to class (when appropriate). Parents / legal guardians can consent for their child to see Annie Sumrall, a certified pediatric nurse practitioner, and/or licensed clinical social workers Kristina Mielke and Anne Anderegg. 

Laurel Health School-based Care Providers - Annie Sumrall Pediatric CRNP and licensed clinical social workers Kristina Mielke, LCSW and Anne Anderegg, LCSW

Rest assured, confidentiality is strictly maintained between the student, parents, and the healthcare provider. We encourage students to discuss health concerns with their family and to learn their family health history. Parents are also invited to participate in school-based appointments by phone, video chat, or in person as their schedule permits.



Our school-based services offer easy, convenient scheduling for health and wellness screenings, including:

  • Physicals and well child checks to clear students for sports / camp / school

  • Mental / behavioral health counseling and support

  • Treatment for acute illness or injury (e.g., minor cuts, sprained ankles, cold/flu)

  • Help with monitoring and treating chronic conditions during school hours (e.g., asthma, diabetes)


Please note: No immunizations or COVID-19 tests are offered at school, but parents are welcome to schedule vaccines, testing, or follow-up appointments at our nearby Laurel Health Centers in Elkland (814-258-5117) or Westfield (814-367-5911). Full program details are included in the Laurel Health school-based care information packets. Both the information packet and the consent form to allow your child to participate in the program are available from your child's school. 


School-based visits are billed to your insurance like an office visit. If cost is a barrier to care, we encourage families to apply for our sliding fee program, which helps income-eligible families with co-pays, deductibles, and healthcare costs. 


If additional care is needed, Laurel Health offers convenient evening, early morning, and late afternoon appointments to better fit parents'  busy schedules. To make an appointment, call 1-833-LAURELHC (1-833-528-7354) and select the center location of your choice.


For more information on our services, click here to visit our family medicine and specialty services page.