Would you like to review test results or renew standing prescriptions online? Access your patient information on the go with our secure, confidential patient portal. 


The Laurel Health Centers use a patient portal called "MyUPMC," a secure clinical platform developed by UPMC health system. While its name can lead to some confusion, this patient portal is not exclusively used by UPMC facilities or UPMC patients. It is also used as a dedicated patient portal for other health systems like Laurel Health that are not affiliated with UPMC. Why? Many health systems opt to participate in an existing patient portal platform instead of hosting their own due to the technical demands, costs, and intense security protocols required for hosting patient portals


A patient portal allows our patients to manage their health information easily and safely online. You can send secure messages to your provider, renew standing prescriptions, view recent tests, schedule appointments, and update your medical or insurance information.


The portal is free and secure; it allows each patient, or a healthcare proxy of their choice, to review their medical history. Healthcare proxies can be appointed with permission between two adults (e.g., a child taking care of an aging parent) or between a parent/guardian and child.

Please note, the portal does not support online bill pay for Laurel Health Center bills at this time. To pay your LHC bill, please continue to call our billing department at 1-877-723-0589 or return by mail.

To sign up or to access the patient portal, simply click the button below.



Previously, Laurel Health patients accessed their online patient information through MyKeyCare, a regional patient portal developed by Geisinger health system. We switched to the MyUPMC portal product to enhance and expand the capabilities of the portal. "MyUPMC" and "MyKeyCare" are simply the names of their respective patient portal products, and their portals are in use outside of their entities by non-affiliated health systems and providers. 


Please note that while we offer the MyUPMC portal to our patients to help organize and access their health information, the Laurel Health Centers are not part of the UPMC health system or Geisinger health system. We are an independent organization known collectively as Laurel Health or North Penn Comprehensive Health Services. Our sites include the Laurel Health Centers, Laurel Behavioral Health, Laurel Dental Services, Laurel Pediatrics, and the Laurel Health & Wellness Center.

This health portal product was created by UPMC for patients using a wide variety of non-affiliated healthcare facilities and insurance plans; you do not have to be a UPMC patient, have a UPMC insurance plan, or go to a UPMC facility to use this portal. All Laurel Health patients over the age of 18 may sign up.

To sign up for the new portal, click here to visit

If you had a MyKeyCare account and would like to access test results from previous years, click here to visit to view or download your information.


Any Laurel Health Center patient over the age of 18 can sign up for an account. Even though it’s called “MyUPMC,” you do not have to go to a UPMC facility or have UPMC health insurance to use the MyUPMC patient portal. This portal was designed for patients using a wide variety of healthcare institutions, providers, and insurance plans, including independent health systems like the Laurel Health Centers.


Patients who join our patient portal have a host of helpful resources at their fingertips like online prescription renewal and securely messaging their provider as well as safe, easy access to all their existing and future healthcare information like test results. Join today by clicking here!


To sign up for a free patient portal account, simply click here to sign up at or ask your Laurel Health provider to help you create an account. If you have any questions, please call your Laurel Health Center office. For a full list of our locations and contact numbers, please click here.