LOGO 2019
Laurel staff donating $3,000 to Lawrenceville Fire Station

Supporting Station 8: Laurel Staff Donates $3,000

By Kristy Warren


When the unthinkable happens, community support can make all the difference. The members of Station 8 never imagined they would be responding to a fire at their own fire station. While thankfully no one was injured fighting the blaze, the fire caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage. 


Despite the loss of their fire station, three fire trucks, and equipment, the crew of Station 8 are staying strong. When Laurel Health Center employee LuAunn Wheeler, practice manager for the Lawrenceville Laurel Health Center, learned of the tragedy, she immediately reached out to Laurel's leadership to see if a donation could be arranged.

Staff from the Laurel Health Centers sprang into action and Jim Nobles, President & CEO, matched their contributions, donating $3,000 to the Lawrenceville fire station. President Jim Nobles, Lawrenceville Practice Manager LuAnn Wheeler, and Director of Development Jessica Cleveland presented the check to Chief Bradley Hackett. 


"The staff at Laurel Health immediately rallied to assist as they always do during times of crises," added John Vogt, President of The Homepage Network, who was on hand to talk with Chief Hackett about upcoming fundraisers to support Station 8's recovery. 


Please join us for Lawrenceville Community Day on September 21 to continue to support Station 8 as they recover from the fire—and thank you to our Laurel Health Centers' staff for all they've done thus far to raise funds for the Lawrenceville Fire Hall!