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A Recipe for Success: Restaurateur Shares His Tips on Tackling Diabetes

By Kristy Warren

This November, Earle Aumick is grateful to be alive. As the bustling manager of local pizzeria Papa V’s, he hasn’t always made time for a yearly checkup—but after experiencing severe vision problems and a sharp decline in his health, he sought answers at the Lawrenceville Laurel Health Center.


After meeting with Mark Molckovsky, MD for a comprehensive evaluation and blood work, he was shocked to learn he had diabetes and that the symptoms he’d been experiencing were related to uncontrolled blood sugar levels.


“My blood sugar read at 600—as high as the meter goes. That typically puts someone in the ICU,” explains Aumick. “I realized I was lucky to be alive, and that I had to take action fast to improve my health. I’m so grateful I connected with Dr. Mark. He saved my life. He has a real passion for this and was determined to follow up every step of the way.”


November marks National Diabetes Awareness Month, and Aumick is eager to share his story to encourage more people to get checked and take control of their condition.

Dr. Mark Molckovsky & Diabetic Patient Earle Aumick

Caption: Mark Molckovsky, MD and his patient Earle Aumick are working diligently to spread the word on successfully managing diabetes. Aumick proudly displays his recent HBA1C blood sugar total, which has dropped by nearly half from 13.2 to 7.7 in just two months.

“Don’t put it off,” he emphasizes, “If you notice something is wrong, see your doctor. It’s better to know so that you can fix it. You can get your health to a better place. If I can do it, anyone can do it!”


Together, Aumick and Dr. Molckovsky developed a personalized plan to get his blood sugar under control. “We looked at my lifestyle and made some big changes to my diet, especially in my portion sizes. I started tracking my carbs and how that impacts my blood sugar. The hardest part was cutting out soda, but I’ve already lost 40 pounds, and I feel so much better. It’s absolutely worth it.”


To better stay on track, Aumick makes the most of his goal-oriented personality and smart phone technology, using health and exercise apps to log and mark his progress. Today, his HBA1C blood sugar has dropped by nearly half, moving from 13.2 to 7.7 over the past two months. He continues to work diligently to lower it further.


“Earle is an inspiration,” adds Dr. Molckovsky. “He dove headfirst into learning about diabetes and nutrition, taking immediate action to reverse his disease.”


With his diabetes better managed, Aumick can spend more time doing the things he loves: spending time with family, hiking, and photographing the beauty of Tioga County.


Pre-diabetes and diabetes affect more than 100 million Americans and are leading chronic health conditions in Tioga County. The Laurel Health Centers offer comprehensive diabetes and nutrition counseling through their family medicine team and diabetes educator Jessica Monger.


If you suspect you or a loved one may be struggling with blood sugar issues, call the Laurel Health Centers today at 1-833-LAURELHC (1-833-528-7354).