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Photo of Dr. Hamza Mir in an exam room; Dr. Mir is a board-certified family medicine doctor treating patients at the Wellsboro Laurel Health Center, located at 7 Water St. in Wellsboro, PA

Family Medicine Physician Hamza Mir, MD, Joins Wellsboro Laurel Health Center

By Kristy Warren

Laurel Health is pleased to announce that Hamza Mir, MD, has joined the Wellsboro Laurel Health Center, located at 7 Water St. in Wellsboro, PA. He is accepting new patients of all ages. 


Dr. Mir is board certified in family medicine and is passionate about assuring assuring patients have access to the care they need wherever they live, especially when it comes to managing their mental health and chronic conditions. He has extensive experience providing clinical treatment and preventive care, including global outreach through the charity Meningitis Relief Canada in Toronto, Canada, and infectious disease prevention at a field hospital in Casablanca, Morocco. To make an appointment with Dr. Mir, call 570-724-1010.


“Plato once stated, ‘be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle,’ and I live by that mantra,” Dr. Mir shares. “Everyone becomes ill at some point in their lives and needs help; I aim to be a beacon of hope for my patients in their times of need and build relationships with them that are meaningful and long lasting.” 


Infographic introducing board-certified family medicine physician Dr. Hamza Mir to the Wellsboro Laurel Health Center, located at 7 Water St. in Wellsboro, PA


Dr. Mir is dedicated to helping all patients receive the care they need, no matter their background, financial standing, or insurance status. His medical background includes providing primary care for acute and chronic conditions, preventive medicine, long-term care, and pharmacy / laboratory management.


He completed his medical prerequisites at the University of Toronto and York University in Toronto, Canada, earned his medical degree at the University of Medicine & Health Sciences in St. Kitts / New York, and finished his residency at the University of North Dakota (UND).


In his free time, he enjoys reading, spending time with family and friends, and traveling around the world.


Dr. Hamza Mir is accepting new patients at the Wellsboro Laurel Health Center. To make an appointment, call 570-724-1010.


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