Beyene, Yekalo, MD

Beyene, Yekalo, MD

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Practice Location:


Mansfield Laurel Health Center
416 South Main Street
Mansfield, PA 16933

Phone: 570-662-2002


Clinical Specialties & Areas of Focus: 

Dr. Yekalo Beyene specializes in delivering primary care services and has led rural health initiatives to improve access to care in underserved areas. He has in-depth experience providing family medicine in federally qualified health center (FQHC) and community health center settings as well as a background in treating addiction.

Dr. Beyene also serves as Laurel Health's Chief Medical Officer. In this role, he works diligently to address both patient and staff needs, champion clinical excellence, and support the delivery of patient-centered healthcare. 


About Dr. Yekalo Beyene: 

Dr. Beyene first trained as an electrical engineer before pursuing medicine. His interest in healthcare was piqued through studying alongside his pre-med friends, and soon he was on a path to delivering care in rural areas. He earned his medical degree from Ross University School of Medicine. 


“I have been working in FQHC clinics for the last 10 years, as I have found it very rewarding to work in underserved areas,” Dr. Beyene shares. "I chose medicine to help people, and I appreciate the mission of FQHCs—anyone can get the healthcare services they need, regardless of their income, origin, race, or sex, including patients who do not have the means to be seen at private practices. What I enjoy about family medicine is getting to know my patients. To successfully treat the whole patient—all of their needs—we need to know them and what matters to them. Family medicine gives us that opportunity to connect. The time you spend with patients and showing them that you care really matters.”


10 January 2023


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